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Air Pressure Single Elbow Hot Stamping Machine

Air pressure cylinder carrys the single elbow struture, strong pressure and less consumption in air pressure. With strong body, stability and durableness. Foil rolling design in motor type. The feeding…

Air Pressure Hot Stamping Machine In Toggle Joint Construction-strong Pressure Type

1.With hard nature body,stability and durableness.
2.Toggle joint construction by cylider starting, strong pressure and less consumption in air pressure.
3.Main shaft and outside shell…

Hydraulic Powerful Hot Stamping Machine

To Adopt hydraulic hot stamping machine and have the following features.
1.The pressure of it is stronger than of air pressure type, and the pressure of adjustment is rather easy and accurate…

Hydraulic With Four Pillar Type Vertical Hot Stamping Machine

1.This machine is four pillar type designs, suitable for make a big size printing area.
2.Because of all the moving parts are soaked in oil, so itself is a good lubricating system, Thus it wears…

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