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Slippage Type Air Pressure Hot Stamping Machine For Both Round And Plane Surface

1.The air pressure system combines high pressure, so the speed is very stable.
2.Adopted Φ50mm cylinder, combins slippage chunk for up down moving accurately; fase speed and smooth moving…

Air Pressure Single Elbow Hot Stamping Machine

Air pressure cylinder carrys the single elbow struture, strong pressure and less consumption in air pressure. With strong body, stability and durableness. Foil rolling design in motor type. The feeding…

The Transfer Printing Machine For Polygon Material

1.This machine adopts special construction and it is designed specially for the printing and stamping need of various goods with medium/small oval area or other irregular goods.
2.To adopt air…

Air Pressure Roll Type Circumference Surface Transfer Printing Machine

1.As the machine adopted hydraulic system assembly with controller of pressure so the speed is very stable.
2.Roll motor and foil motor can be adjusted depends on neccesity so that two motors can…