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The Transfer Printing Machine For Plane Surface-with Electric Eye

1.AT-6F-150 is special design for print on the "flat object".(1)Size of the rubble roller is Φ100*150mm,the stroke of the side table is 300mm.(2)The difference between this machine and…

Air Pressure Roll Type Automatic Circumference Surface Transfer Printing

1.PLC controller-work (Witsuhishi Controller) accurate, steady, and durable.The entire electric component is imported from Taiwan,each control unit is independence, and you could adjust it separately…

Air Press Up/down Type Full Automatic Hot Staming Machine

1.This machine is designed base on the concept of “high capacity with fully automic output”.
2.Air cylinder connects silide, up/down press moves succinct,smooth, and accurate. …

Hot Stamping Machine/transtfer Printing Machine With Manifold Function For Plane & Circumference Surface(Air Pressure Type)

1.This is the most popular machine which combines the function of the hot stamping and heat transfer.It’s designed to print on the both of the plane and circumference surface.(Such as stationery…

Air Pressure Roll Type Circumference Surface Transfer Printing Machine

1.As the machine adopted hydraulic system assembly with controller of pressure so the speed is very stable.
2.Roll motor and foil motor can be adjusted depends on neccesity so that two motors…

Air Pressure Up/down Type Full Automatic Hot Staming Machine

1.Air pressure type with full automatic system,suitable for hot stamping or heat transfter printing on pencil or eyebrow pencil.
2.Producing capacity about 22-25 pcs per minute.
3.The hopper…