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The Heat Transfer Printing Machine For Plane Surface-with Electric Eye

1.AT-6F-150 is special design for print on the "flat object".(1)Size of the rubble roller is Φ 100*150mm,the stroke of the side table is 300mm.(2)The difference between this machine and the other machine are as following.

Hot Stamping Machine/transtfer Printing Machine With Manifold Function For Plane & Circumference Surface(Air Pressure Type)

1.This is the most popular machine which combines the function of the hot stamping and heat transfer.It’s designed to print on the both of the plane and circumference surface.(Such as stationery,small and middle size of the plastic ware,house ware…etc.)

Hydraulic Roller Type Heat Transfer Printing Machine For Both Plane/Circumference Surface

1.This machine adopts hydraulic system as power source.
2.With square column, which works stable and transfer pressure equally.
3.Installed with a tension motor to pull the foil smoothly, and do not cause any shrink.